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Hobby [hob-ee]

Noun, plural● hobbies

  1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

Hello All,

I’m Lex. My main occupation is my toddler, TinTin, our two gigantic dogs, my husband Josh, and being 9 months pregnant currently. I’m a ‘MilSpouse’ (military spouse), and we work around a CRAZY schedule.

The ultimate goal?

Like most people we want to make lots of money so we can both pursue our hobbies and dreams.

Mine is to start this business that’s been top of mind for years now.

But our family’s goal is to earn/save enough to buy a nice property and build a house on it all our own.

How do you do that on one income (an E-4 salary), with a family of 4 soon to be 5?

  1. Well, you learn how to save wherever you can so you’re not drowning in your bills.
  2. You side hustle like crazy with HOBBYS.

But Lex, isnt a hobby something you do for fun to destress?

Sure a lot of people do their hobbys just for fun and that’s fine. Hobbys SHOULD be fun. They should peak your interest.

But shouldn’t they also put some money in your pocket if they can?

My main job is to provide care for my family, and I love my job. But since I crochet, bake bread, melon carve, paint, write, blog, garden, build furniture, do woodburnings, and more…shouldn’t those things be building our savings like crazy so we can be debt and bill free?

That’s our goal and we want YOU to get there too!

We’ve already learned how to start saving 25% of our income.

I started a brand new blog, and my other money making shenanigans with hobbies have earned our family some $$ already.

So check out our blog for ways to get started on your own money making journey, use your hobbies to the max! If you dont think your particular hobby can make money, you’re wrong! There’s ways to monitize ANYTHING if you’re up for it.

And if you don’t have any hobbys, I got you fam. I suggest all kinds of hobbys from the mundane to the decidedly strange (the latter kind are my favorite as you can see by my 10 Unique Money Making Hobbys to Try post and my awesome EBook that you can get by entering your email in that little subscribe box below).

I’m not only suggesting what kinds of hobbys but how to do them, how much they cost to start, and how much potential there is for income.

Plus get our tips on how we save money as a bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in.

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